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What is ReCycle UniQUiLY?

We are a non-profit organization that is pro echo friendly. There are many echo friendly companies but ReCycle UniQUiLY stands out of the rest because we work to incorporate recycling into your daily lives. Its not just separating your trash and taking it to a recycling center, here we make, create and imagine! Our daily thoughts are: " What can I make out of this soda can?" or " What function could this yogurt container have around my house?". When we get the answers to these questions we go right to work and we make sure to snap a picture of it and share it with you! Its all about the planet and how you can help make it more beautiful while your make your home, desk, room, locker... more beautiful too. From craft of the month to weekly small actions and decisions that you can take we make sure to bombard you with as much ideas and alternatives that you can take to start living echo friendly!
Our originals are the juice pouch creations.
It all started when we found the idea to make a purses out of juice pouches. We really got into it and started to design different types of bags and handles. Then it was the thought of sharing it with the world. In the year 2010 we founded our facebook group. Every time I got a new idea I posted it in the group. It became my inspiration and every time I got a new friend I immediately sent an invitation to join my group. From the juice pouch creations ReCycle UniQUiLY was born and has flourished and grown.

The sea, the mountains, the gardens and flowers, the clouds, the breeze... They are my inspiration. What better motivation than knowing that you are doing something for the good and well being of all of those natural beauties? In just a few minutes and sometimes hours you can make a beautiful creation out  a box or magazine page and you helped for that small bit of trash to not end up in the oceans or near animals that can get hurt by it. Who knows? That small bit of trash could save an entire echo system! We dream and let those dreams come to life through our creations because we know that one creation at a time, one small action every day will one day help the planet, and every day continue its restoration.

This is the ReCycle UniQUiLY site. A place to share all kinds of ideas! Submission are posted in the blog so please send us an email with your submission! ReCycle UniQUiLY has now also moved to a new platform as a subdivision. Join us at


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