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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Deeper Meaning


This post is all about the new movie "The Lorax". An enchanting and beautiful tale of a school boy crush and plastic city. Maybe there is something that we need to see beyond the detailed and mesmerizing images of "The Lorax". Beyond the obvious message of protecting the trees and the importance of nature there is something more: commercialism and their influence over us. Many a times in our lives we find ourselves tide down and forced to accept the services that the commercial world thrusts at us. Most of these products that we find ourselves buying are not even good for the environment. These product are sold in "convenient" portable packages that do more littering and filling of landfills than they facilitate our lives. The amount of damage that each water bottle, each can of soda causes has a huge impact on nature. Kind of like the O'Hare company in "The Lorax" tries to maintain people away from fresh air in order to sell air and make money out of it. 

The deeper meaning is that this is the time to make changes. You can help! Join us in our promise to not buy water bottles. Our resolution is to always make the small effort of carrying reusable bottles. You get to help the environment and save money since you can refill and refill and refill your durable bottle over and over again.

Visit The Lorax Project and don't forget to watch the movie!


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